How I got here...

In late 2014 I found myself STUCK. Dejected. Almost numb...From the outside, I seemingly had it all: married to an incredible man (still am and he continues to support and surprise me in new ways everyday), living in San Francisco (I mean who doesn't love the California life style, the bay views and energy of this city), an investment rental property in Boston, loving family, an amazing diverse group friends across the country, working in cyber security sales making more money than I ever have, traveling around the world...2015 alone included a yacht through the islands of the Bahamas then straight to Croatia, followed up by a fall trip to Switzerland and Germany, and spread throughout the year was travel around the US: LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Colorado, Boston, New York, Nevada...the list goes on. So why wasn't I happy? Why did I still feel like something was missing from my life? Why didn't I feel anything really?

And so my journey of self discovery mantra of Live Connected started to emerge...if I seemingly had it ALL on the outside and I still felt lost, stuck and there had to be more then something needed to change in a MASSIVE way. I decided it was time to turn inside. I always loved people watching, Sociology and Psychology were part of my college studies thus began my introspective journey...I read endless blogs and books on self development, growth, spirituality, finding your purpose and self awareness. Anything recommended to me I read. I started journaling and meditating again.

I wish I could tell you my transformation happened over night - it didn't. The shift happened slowly, painstakingly slow at first. It seemed like each small shift hardly moved anything, yet I continued - I peeled back layers of thought patterns and limiting beliefs, started practicing forgiveness and letting go of emotions, stories, thoughts and energies no longer serving me, I practiced fully expression of emotions in each present moment...then the first shift happened. One by one, shift after shift, my curiosity grew almost as quickly as my awareness.

After spending quite a bit of time doing the inner work alone, something was calling me, whispering to me there had to be another level beyond the growth and shifts I'd made. It was time to do something I had never done and become someone I had never been. I attended various seminars and events. The first big shift arose once I decided to attended a Tony Robbins event, Unleash the Power Within! A long time friend had gone, I saw the change in him and he even sounded different on the phone. Conveniently enough Tony was coming to San Jose in less than 3 months. Lucky me, thank you Universe! 

UPW was such a pivotal moment in my life, the direction shifted, a new way of living and being emerged. As a way to contribute and give back to the community of wildly inspiring and loving people who created an environment for such a life altering experience in my life, I decided to volunteer as crew for Unleash the Power Within in LA. WOW, this was even more life altering!!! My intention was to serve, to give all I possibly could to ensure everyone in attendance had the most epic experience possible! Never did I expect to receive another LIFE CHANGING shift myself. And again after such a short period of time. The more I gave, listened and supported the more LOVE, Connection and Energy was returned to me. Syncronistic event after event, conversation after conversation, connection after connection...the momentum I contributed created something beyond words!

Thrust forward by my declaration to change my life, step into my power and surrender to the possibility of who I could Be, I continued to level up my game again and again:

  • signed up for Mastery University - Date with Destiny
  • joined Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF certified program to get my coaching certification
  • signed up for various in person and online programs - Hay House, Chopra Center, Access Consciousness, @ManifestationBabe, Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkies
  • put myself WAAAAAY outside my comfort zone by taking action on things that had been on my bucket list for over a decade, such as: Running the Boston Marathon, completed in 2017!  And traveling solo to Cambodia and Bali for some clarity and soul searching. WOW, did I connect to deeper level of myself...the Universe truly had my back and gave my many many lessons in awareness, growth, love and control (or lack there of)

All it took was One Shift, one courageous decision to follow my intuition to take a stand for myself, acknowledging my innate greatness (you have it too!) and that I wanted more, deserved more, create more and Be more in my life.  For years I carried around shame for choices I made, judgments about who I was and who I was not, guilt for things I did or didn't do and fear of who I was, who I could be. I refused to acknowledge my excessive drinking. Drinking to celebrate, to have fun, to forget, avoid and "heal" the emptiness and shame of not being good enough regardless of what I achieved, how much I accomplished or how much money I made. I denied I had a problem or needed help as tension headaches turned into panic attacks that morphed into Bells Paulsey (facial paralysis) all caused by internal stress, my internal dialogue with myself and the guilt I had of not being better...the spiral continued touching many other dark corners over the years...

Today, I acknowledge this part of my past, I am actually grateful for those parts of the journey and the darker ones I didn't mention because it led me here be in the present moment and to know there is always another way if we're willing to shift our perspective and practice. Practice daily making small changes in our being, mindset, and choices; our relationships with ourselves, our eating habits and the way you talk to ourselves; our relationships with others, work, patience, compassion, acceptance, understanding,’s all Practice in living. When we are who we are in truth, we attract the energy and support we need to THRIVE and Be exactly who we are meant to Be.

We are wired to feel connected and desire connection to people, purpose and passions. In the super connected social media frenzied world of today, we're more disconnected than ever. 

My purpose is to be a radiant source of unshakable compassion and connection. To be constant reminder there is ALWAYS another way, another choice, another possibility if we're willing to practice making the Shift. 

 I believe by connecting with ourselves, seeing our true essence and the uniqueness we bring to the world, we can begin to shift the foundation for designing and living an extraordinary life as YOU define it with more: Love, Joy, Passion, Play, Abundance, Curiosity RIGHT NOW! Be the grandest version of YOU!

Everything is Connected - One Shift, Shifts Everything.

Life is love and love is an act, it’s not a thought and while you’re alive you only have so much time. So the more you can make love the guiding force in your decision making, the more you’re going to make decisions that not only fulfill you but make your life meaningful.
— Tony Robbins