Be Careful with Your Words...They can only be Forgiven, never Forgotten.

Talk to yourself the way you'd talk to someone you love 💕 I've read this advice on countless blogs, websites etc.

Often times we are very hard on ourselves.

For the last 30, well maybe not quite 30 but for most of my teen and adult life I've been my toughest critic. Judging. Critiquing. Criticizing. Comparing. Beating myself down time and time again that I'm not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, pretty enough, thin enough... What I've come to realize during my journey of self discovery is I am ENOUGH. I always have been and always will be enough. I'm perfect exactly how I am right now in this very moment: flaws, failures, mistakes, missteps and all ✨ YOU are perfect exactly as you are in this very moment! 

We start an inner dialogue with ourselves the moment we wake up. Does the first thing we say to ourselves upon awaking impact our day? Our week? Our month? Absolutely! 

Our bodies and minds both consciously and unconsciously respond to the positive and negative self talk. 

Imagine what life would be like to talk to ourselves with love, compassion, understanding and all the other ways we talk to those we love? Imagine how you'd talk to your 4 year old self each morning? How would that feel? What would it create? How would it change your life?